The Biodiversity Galiano Research Community

Our multidisciplinary research community includes local community scientists and regional experts, conservationists, educators, artists and computer programmers—among many others actively engaged in the study and conservation of biodiversity. The project has also benefited from several organizations and businesses who have supported our initiatives.

Community Scientists

The Biodiversity Galiano project is grounded in the thousands of observations added to the iNaturalist project by local observers. Community members have also contributed by participating in numerous activities organized since the project’s inception. Among the many people who have contributed their knowledge and observations to the project, we’d like to acknowledge:

Christian Adler

Dave and Virginia Ages

Ed Andrusiak

Dana Ayotte

Graham Barber

Katia Bee

Randy Bishop

Jenny Breukelman

Avi Bryant

Rob Brummitt

Kathleen Buckley

Cody Clayton

Dave “Zeus” Cochrane

Alison Colwell

“Galiano Twins” Laura and Malcolm Colwell

Colleen Doty

Tyson Ehlers

Kate Emmings

Felix Erhard

Pamela deMark

Dora Fitzgerald

Diana Fraser

Tyrel Froese

Laura Gerlach

Mary and Rob Greenwood

Ian Guthrie

Frances Hart d’Emilio

Sarah Hart Lum

Bram Hartman

Christopher Heffley

Michael Hoebel

Quirin Hohendorf

Judith Holm

Adam Huggins

Mark Joseph

Bowie and Anna Keefer

Christopher King

Daniel and Lisa Kirkpatrick

Kris Krüg

Jemma Lee

Rolando Lampitoc

Andrew Loveridge

Peter Luckham

John Magner

Lauren Magner

Ayla Malcolm

Joe Malo

Wolfgang Matthes

Libby McClelland

John McFetrick

Deborah McKechnie

Nancy McPhee

Chessi Miltner

Marty Moser

Tiffany Moser

Anju Prasad

Henny Schnare

Kristian Sigvardsen

Bridget Spencer

B.J. Stacey

Laureen Stefanyk

Marlin Stewart

Karen Steve Smith

Karen Stierhoff

Shera Street

Kat Suarez

Willem Terpenning

Kevin Toomer

Eric Touchburn

Sarah Tweedale

Karolle Wall

Frieda Weinert

Anthony Wood

Kieran Wood

Keith Valentine

Patrick Van Holderbeke

Rene Zich

Contributing Experts

Experts have supported the Biodiversity Galiano project by contributing historical data, participating in bioblitzes, identifying difficult species and guiding our community in the investigation of interesting reports. Among the many experts who have contributed to the success of our project, we wish to acknowledge:

Emily Adamczyk, marine ecologist

Libby Avis, naturalist

Rick Avis, naturalist

Antranig Basman, computer scientist

Ryan Batten, botanist and lichenologist

Robb Bennett, PhD., spider researcher and entomologist

Shannon Berch, PhD., mycologist

Lincoln Best, MSc., melittologist

Curtis Björk, MSc., botanist and lichenologist

Kent Brothers, mycologist

Rob Cannings, PhD., Curator of Entomology (emeritus) at the Royal BC Museum

Alice Chang, MSc.

Bridgette Clarkston, PhD., phycologist

Claudia Copley, MSc., Entomology Collections Manager at the Royal BC Museum

Darren Copley, arachnologist and ornithologist

Isabelle Côté, PhD., Professor of Marine Ecology, SFU

Quentin Cronk, PhD., Professor of Botany, UBC

Henry Choong, PhD., Curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the Royal BC Museum

David Cunnington, MSc., herpetologist

Marta Donovan, MSc., RPBio., botanist at the BC Conservation Data Centre

Charley Eiseman, Msc., independent entomologist

Jamie Fenneman, PhD., botanist and ecologist

Karin Fletcher, marine naturalist

Heidi Gartner, MSc., Biologist

Charlie Gibbs, computer scientist

Donna Gibbs, research diver

David Giblin, PhD., botany and herbarium collections manager, Burke Museum

Joel Gibson, PhD., Curator of Entomology at the Royal BC Museum

Scott Gilmore, PhD., entomologist

Trevor Goward, naturalist and lichenologist

Rick Harbo, BSc., marine biologist

Karen Harris, MSc., herpetologist

Leslie Harris, Collections Manager, Polychaetes, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Rob Higgins, PhD., myrmecologist

Katy Hind, PhD., seaweed biologist

Michael Hoebel, PhD., ornithologist

Elaine Humphrey, PhD., marine biologist and microscopist

Harvey Janszen†, botanist

Pam Janszen, myxomycologist

Steven Joya, bryologist

Michael Keefer, MSc., biologist

Paul Kroeger, mycologist

Andy Lamb, BSc., marine naturalist

Philip Lambert, MSc., Curator Emeritus, Royal BC Museum

Olivia Lee, Collections Manager of Lichens, Bryophytes, and Fungi at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Patrick Martone, PhD, marine phycologist, UBC

Hannah Marx, PhD., botanist

Neil McDaniel, marine naturalist

Terry McIntosh, PhD., botanist

Troy McMullin, PhD., lichenologist

Randal Mindell, PhD., paleobotanist and naturalist

James Miskelly, MSc., biologist

Kristen Miskelly, MSc., biologist

Diana M. Percy, PhD., evolutionary ecologist and entomologist

Karen Mock, PhD., Wildland Resources Professor at Utah State University

Chris Ratzlaff, MSc, entomologist

John Reynolds, PhD. Professor of Aquatic Biology and Conservation, SFU

Siobhan Schenck, PhD. candidate, biologist

Geoff Scudder, PhD., entomologist

Brian Starzomski, PhD., Ian McTaggart Cowan Professor, UVic School of Environmental Studies

Daryl Thompson, lichenologist

Daniel Tucker, MSc. candidate, botanist and ecologist

Mark Webber, MSc., phycologist

Matt Whalen, PhD., marine community ecologist

Charlene Wood, MSc., coleopterist and ecologist

Alexander J. Wright, PhD. candidate, botanist


Community Support

Numerous organizations, businesses and institutions have been supportive of our initiative to document the local biodiversity, whether by sponsoring events or assisting with research. Among these various groups, we’d especially like to acknowledge:


Active Page

Babes in the Woods Eatery

Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Crystal Mountain Society for Eastern and Western Studies

Enlichened Consulting, Ltd.

Galiano Conservancy Association

Galiano Naturalists


Inclusive Design Research Centre

Galiano Inn & Spa

Gulf Island Kayaking


Royal BC Museum

Spencer Entomological Collection

The Crane and Robin

The Loose Leaf

UVic School of Environmental Studies


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