The Biodiversity Galiano Research Community

Jeannine Georgeson

Jeannine Georgeson is Coast Salish and Sahtu Dene. Galiano Island has been her home for most of her life. When her son Austin became involved with Biodiversity Galiano, his learning reminded her of what she was taught by her grandparents growing up. She was intrigued by the complementary aspects of Indigenous knowledge and ecology. Through IMERSS, Jeannine leads several initiatives that weave biodiversity together with the cultural importance of place and species, preservation of knowledge for future generations, action against climate change, community engagement and participation, and transboundary connections. Jeannine lives with her partner Laurie and two of her three children, plus their cats Lilo and Stitch, Cronk the bearded dragon, Pug the Pug, some fish, as well as Austin’s collection of ants and a couple of spiders.

Local Observations