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How many species are known to Galiano Island, BC?

Hover over the interactive graph below for a breakdown of the reporting status of each group.

Last updated November 10th, 2023
The bar graph above displays the total number of species reported for Galiano Island, BC, organized by taxonomic group. Hovering over the bars provides a breakdown of each group according to the reporting status of species on the project. ‘Observed’ reports refer to historically reported species that have since been observed by contributors to the Biodiversity Galiano project. ‘New’ records represent species reported new for Galiano Island since the project began. ‘Unobserved’ reports include species historically reported for Galiano that have yet to be observed by project members on iNaturalist.

For a summary of the historical records included in the project, visit the Records Page.

If you have additional historical records to contribute for Galiano Island, please contact the project curator.