The Conifers of Galiano Island, BC

Last updated May 2022

To date our community has documented a total of 10 species of conifer (Order: Pinales) on Galiano Island, accounting for all species reported to date. This summary only accounts for native species, the only exception being the ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) which occurs sporadically in some parklands. Sequoia sempervirens and Picea abies, which only occur where planted on private property, are not included in this record of the island’s conifer diversity.

According to E-Flora, there are 24 species of conifer native to British Columbia, all belonging to the families Cupressaceae, Pinaceae, and Taxaceae. Our dataset thus represents about 42% of the province’s overall conifer diversity.

Below you can explore a data visualization showing the species reported for Galiano. Click the links to view local Galiano island-based observations of species documented so far.


  • Reported Conifer Diversity: Galiano Island vs British Columbia [10:24 spp.] 42% 42%

Local Observations