Bluffs Park

Galiano Island, BC

Bluffs Park

Bluffs Park’s Biodiversity

Presented below is a working list of species known to Bluffs Park, Galiano Island, BC, a much beloved community park managed by the Galiano Club. The list provides a snapshot of the diversity found across a spectrum of habitats, including Douglas-fir forests, Garry oak woodlands and associated rock outcrop communities.

Historical records from Bluffs Park are mostly limited to lichens collected by Willa Noble during her doctorate research, which was conducted through the late 1970s and early 1980s. More recent reports include those made by Bev Benedict, Olivia Lee and Frank Lomer. In addition to these historical records, the list includes iNaturalist observations made by Kathleen Buckley, Alison Colwell and the Galiano Twins, Felix Erhard, Scott Gilmore, Rob Greenwood, Adam Huggins, Rolando Lampitoc, Lauren Magner, Joe Malo, Ann Nightingale, Andrew Simon, Kevin Toomer, Sarah Tweedale and Alexander Wright. Special thanks go out to Stephen Bornik, Keith Carlson, Ann and Ken Denman, Meaghan Kennedy, Kris Krüg and Lyndsey Reiner for their contributions to this list during the 2016 Mini-Bioblitz!

Browse the gallery on the right for photographs of the sights to behold in beautiful Bluffs Park. The following list is searchable and can be sorted by scientific name, common name, group, family, conservation status and provenance. Please add to our knowledge of the park’s flora and fauna by contributing your photographs of species found in the park to the Biodiversity Galiano project. If you’d like your landscape photography featured in the Bluff’s Park gallery, please contact Sarah Tweedale. You’re encouraged to share a “nature note” along with any photographs you submit!

Scientific Name
Common name
Astata sp.solitary predatory waspants, termites, bees, wasps & sawfliesCrabronidaeA. Simon (2016)
Melissodes sp.long-horned beeants, termites, bees, wasps & sawfliesApidaeA. Simon (2016)
Camponotus vicinusbicolored carpenter antants, termites, bees, wasps, sawfliesFormicidaeS5 (2016)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Araneus diadematuscross orbweaverarachnidsAraneidaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Bassaniana cf utahensisUtah crab spiderarachnidsThomisidaeA. Simon (2016)
Callobius pictushackled mesh weaverarachnidsAmaurobiidaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Cybaeus signifersmall colourful spiderarachnidsCybaeidaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Latrodectus hesperuswestern black widowarachnidsTheridiidaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2017)
Phidippus johnsoniJohnson's jumperarachnidsSalticidaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
PseudoscorpionespseudoscorpionarachnidsS. Gilmore (2017)
Tetragnatha sp.longjawed orb-weaverarachnidsTetragnathidaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Xysticus sp.ground crab spidersarachnidsThomisidaeA. Simon (2017)
Amphichroum maculatumocellate rove beetlebeetlesStaphylinidaeS4S5 (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Cardiophorus beetlebeetlesElateridaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Chalcophora angulicollisWestern Sculptured Pine BorerbeetlesBuprestidaeS4S5 (2017)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Curculio sp.nut and acorn weevilbeetlesCurculionidaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Dalopius corvinusclick beetlebeetlesElateridaeSU (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Epuraea aestivasap-feeding beetlebeetlesNitidulidaeS5 (2017)A. Simon (2017)
Eronyxa pallidatransluscent beetlebeetlesTrogossitidaeS4S5 (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Idolus columbianuspatterned orange click beetlebeetlesElateridaeunlistedS. Gilmore (2017)
Iphthiminus serratusdarkling beetlebeetlesTenebrionidaeS5 (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Mulsantina pictapainted ladybirdbeetlesCoccinellidaeS5 (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Prosternon bombycinumLomatium click beetlebeetlesElateridaeSU (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Pseudanostirus beetlebeetlesElateridaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Psyllobora borealiswestern fairy ladybeetlebeetlesCoccinellidaeS4S5 (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Pterostichus algidusground beetlebeetlesCarabidaeS3S5 (2017)S. Gilmore (2017)
Scaphinotus marginatussnail-killing carabidbeetlesCarabidaeS5 (2017)L. Magner & A. Simon
Accipiter cooperiiCooper's hawkbirdsAcipitridaeS5 (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Accipiter striatussharp-shinned hawkbirdsAcipitridaeS5B,S5N (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Aegolius acadicusnorthern saw-whet owlbirdsStrigidaeS5B,S5N (2009)M. Hoebel (2018)
Branta canadensisCanada goosebirdsAnatidaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016); M. Hoebel (2018)
Buteo jamaicensisred-tailed hawkbirdsAcipitridaeS5B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Calypte annaAnna’s hummingbirdbirdsTrochilidaeS4S5B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Cathartes auraturkey vulturebirdsCathartidaeS4 (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016); M. Hoebel (2018)
Cepphus columbapigeon guillemotbirdsAlcidaeS4B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Certhia americanabrown creeperbirdsCerthiidaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Chordeiles minorcommon nighthawkbirdsCaprimulgidaeS4B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Chroicocephalus philadelphiaBonaparte's gullbirdsLaridaeS5? (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016); M. Hoebel (2018)
Colaptes auratusnorthern flickerbirdsPicidaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2017); M. Hoebel (2018)
Columba liviarock pigeonbirdsColumbidaeexoticM. Hoebel (2018)
Contopus cooperiolive-sided flycatcherbirdsTyrannidaeS3S4B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Corvus coraxcommon ravenbirdsCorvidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Dendragapus fuliginosussooty grousebirdsPhasianidaeS4 (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Dryocopus pileatuspileated woodpeckerbirdsPicidaeS5 (2015)K. Toomer (2017); M. Hoebel (2018)
Empidonax difficilisPacific slope flycatcherbirdsTyrannidaeS5B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Falco columbariusmerlinbirdsFalconidaeS5B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Falco peregrinusperegrine falconbirdsFalconidae1-SC (SARA)M. Hoebel (2018)
Falco sparveriusAmerican kestrelbirdsFalconidaeS4S5B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Hirundo rusticabarn swallowbirdsHirundinidaeS3S4B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Haliaeetus leucocephalusbald eaglebirdsAccipitridaeS5B,S5N (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016); K. Toomer (2017); M. Hoebel (2018)
Ixoreus naeviusvaried thrushbirdsTurdidaeS5B (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Junco hyemalisdark-eyed juncobirdsEmberizidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Larus glaucescensglaucous-winged gullbirdsLaridaeS4 (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016); M. Hoebel (2018)
Melanitta perspicillatasurf scoterbirdsAnatidaeS3B,S4N (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Pandion haliaetusospreybirdsPandionidaeS5B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Patagioenas fasciataband-tailed pigeonbirdsColumbidae1-SC (SARA 2011) M. Hoebel (2018)
Picoides pubescensdowny woodpeckerbirdsPicidaeS5B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Picoides villosushairy woodpeckerbirdsPicidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016); M. Hoebel (2018)
Pipilo maculatusspotted towheebirdsEmberizidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Poecile rufescenschestnut-backed chickadeebirdsParidaeS5 (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Setophaga coronatayellow-rumped warblerbirdsParulidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016)
Setophaga townsendiTownsend's warblerbirdsParulidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016)
Selasphorus rufusrufous hummingbirdbirdsTrochilidaeS4S5B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Sitta canadensisred-breasted nuthatchbirdsSittidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Spinus pinuspine siskinbirdsFringillidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Sphyrapicus ruberred-breasted sapsuckerbirdsPicidaeS5B (2015)M. Hoebel (2018)
Spizella passerinachipping sparrowbirdsPasserellidaeS5B (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Streptopelia decaoctoEurasian collared dovebirdsColumbidaeexoticM. Hoebel (2018)
Strix variabarred owlbirdsStrigidaeS5B (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016); M. Hoebel (2018)
Troglodytes aedonhouse wrenbirdsTroglodytidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Troglodytes pacificusPacific wrenbirdsTroglodytidaeS5B (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Turdus migratoriusAmerican robinbirdsTurdidaeS5B (2015)A. Nightingale (2016); L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Vireo gilvuswarbling vireobirdsVireonidaeS5B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Vireo cassiniiCassin's vireobirdsVireonidaeS5B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Zenaida macrouramourning dovebirdsColumbidaeS4?B (2015) M. Hoebel (2018)
Callophrys gryneus plicatariacedar hairstreakbutterflies & mothsLycaenidaeS4 (2013)A. Simon (2017)
Caloptilia sp.leaf-miner mothbutterflies & mothsGracillariidaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Papilio eurymedonpale swallowtailbutterflies & mothsPapilionidaeS5 (2013)A. Simon (2016)
Sympetrum illotumcardinal meadowhawkdragonfliesLibellulidaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Athyrium filix-femina ssp. cyclosorumlady fernferns & alliesDryopteridaceaeS5 (2015)A. Huggins (2016)
Pentagramma triangularisgoldback fernferns & alliesPteridaceaeS4S5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Polypodium glycyrrhizalicorice fernferns & alliesPolypodiaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Polystichum munitumwestern sword fernferns & alliesDryopteridaceaeS5R. Greenwood (2016); L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Pteridium aquilinum ssp. pubescenscommon brackenferns & alliesDennstaedtiaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Selaginella wallaceiWallace's spikemossferns & alliesSelaginellaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Scaeva pyrastriHolarctic pied hoverflyfliesSyrphidaeunlistedS. Gilmore (2017)
Ascocoryne sarcoidesjelly dropsfungiHelotiaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Bisporella citrinayellow fairy cupsfungiHelotiaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Boletus sp.boletefungiBoletaceaeK. Toomer (2017)
Calocera corneatuning forkfungiDacrymycetaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Calocera viscosastagshornfungiDacrymycetaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Caloscypha fulgensspring orange peel fungusfungiCaloscyphaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Clavaria fragiliswhite worm coralfungiClavariaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Clavulina cristatawhite coral fungusfungiClavulinaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Clitocybe vibecinafungiTricholomataceaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Fomes fomentariushoof fungusfungiPolyporaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Gliophorus laetusheath waxcapfungiHygrophoraceaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Gomphidius oregonensisinsidious GomphidiusfungiGomphidiaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Gymnopilus sapineusscaly rustgillfungiStrophariaceaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Gyromitra infulasaddle-shaped false morelfungiDiscinaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Hericium abietisbear’s headfungiHericiaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Hygrocybe sp.waxcapfungiHygrophoraceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2015)
Hypholoma capnoidessmoky-gilled hypolomafungiStrophariaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Inocybe geophyllawhite fibrecapfungiInocybaceaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Laccaria laccatadeceiverfungiHydnangiaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Lycoperdon perlatumcommon puffballfungiLycoperdaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Marasmiellus candidusfungiOmphalotaceaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016); K. Toomer (2017)
Nidula niveotomentosabird's nest fungusfungiAgaricaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Otidea sp.ear fungusfungiPyronemataceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Phaeolus schweinitziidyer's polyporefungiFomitopsidaceaeunlistedR. Lampitoc (2013); K. Toomer (2017)
Phlebia radiatawinkled crustfungiMeruliaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Pleurotus ostreatusoyster mushroomfungiPleurotaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Pseudohydnum gelatinosumtoothed jelly fungusfungiincertae sedisunlistedK. Toomer (2015)
Russula rosaceabloody brittlegillfungiRussulaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Russula sororiasepia brittlegillfungiRussulaceaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Russula xerampelinashrimp mushroomfungiRussulaceaeunlistedG. Barber (2016)
Stereum hirsutumfalse turkey tailfungiStereaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Stropharia ambiguaquestionable strophariafungiStrophariaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Trametes ochraceaochre turkey-tailfungiPolyporaceaeunlistedS. Tweedale & A. Simon (2017)
Trametes versicolorturkey tailfungiPolyporaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Tremella foliaceajelly leaffungiTremellaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Xylaria hypoxyloncandlesnuff fungusfungiXylariaceaeunlistedK. Toomer (2017)
Aira caryophylleasilver hairgrassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Anthoxanthum aristatumsmall sweet vernal grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Anthoxanthum odoratumsweet vernal grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Bromus hordeaceusCommon Soft-bromegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Bromus sitchensissitka bromegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeS5A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Bromus sterilisbarren bromegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Bromus tectorumdrooping bromegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Cynosurus echinatusbristly dogtail grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Dactylis glomerataorchard grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Danthonia californicaCalifornia oat grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Festuca roemeriRoemer's fescuegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeS4A. Simon (2016)
Lolium perenneperennial ryegrassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Luzula subsessilismany-flowered woodrushgrasses, sedges & rushesJuncaceaeS5 (2000)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Poa bulbosabulbous meadow-grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Poa pratensissmooth meadow-grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Vulpia microstachys var. pauciflorasmall six-weeks grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeS4 (2014)A. Simon (2017)
Gryllus pennsylvanicusfall field cricketgrasshoppers & cricketsGryllidaeS5 (2012)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Melanoplus sanguinipesmigratory grasshoppergrasshoppers & cricketsAcrididaeS5 (2012)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Achillea millefolium var. borealisnorthern yarrowherbsAsteraceaeS5L. Magner (2016); A. Simon (2017)
Achlys triphyllavanilla leafherbsBerberidaceaeS5F. Erhard (2013); A. Simon (2017)
Acmispon parviflorusshort-flower deervetchherbsFabaceaeS3S4 (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Agoseris grandiflorabigflower agoserisherbsAsteraceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Allium acuminatumHooker's onionherbsAmaryllidaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Anisocarpus madioideswoodland madiaherbsAsteraceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Anthriscus caucalisbur chervilherbsApiaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Aphanes arvensisfield parsley piertherbsRosaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Arabis eschscholtzianaEschscholtz's hairy rockcressherbsBrassicaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Bellis perennisEnglish daisyherbsAsteraceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Brodiaea coronariacrown brodiaeaherbsThemidaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Calandrinia menziesiiredmaidsherbsMontiaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Simon (2017); S. Tweedale (2017)
Calypso bulbosa var. occidentalisWestern Fairy-slipperherbsOrchidaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfiiLeichtlin's camassiaherbsAsparagaceaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Camassia quamashsmall camasherbsAsparagaceaeS4A. Simon (2017)
Cardamine flexuosawood bittercressherbsBrassicaceaeexoticF. Lomer (2003)
Cardamine hirsutahairy bittercressherbsBrassicaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2017); S. Tweedale (2017)
Cardamine nuttalliiNuttall's toothwortherbsBrassicaceaeS5 (2015)R. Biggs, B. Stephens, M. Nemeth, B. Schwartz & John Pinder-Moss
Cardamine oligospermalittle western bittercressherbsBrassicaceaeS5 (2015)F. Lomer (2003); A. Simon (2016)
Cerastium arvensefield chickweedherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticF. Erhard (2013); L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Cerastium glomeratumsticky mouse-ear chickweedherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Circaea alpinaAlpine Enchanter's-nightshadeherbsOnagraceaeS4 (2011)A. Simon (2016)
Clarkia amoena var. lindleyifarewell-to-springherbsOnagraceaeS3S4 N3 Vulnerable in CanadaA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Claytonia perfoliataminer's lettuceherbsMontiaceaeS4 (2001)F. Erhard (2013); A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Claytonia sibiricapink purslaneherbsMontiaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Collinsia grandifloragiant blue-eye MaryherbsPlantaginaceaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Collinsia parvifloramaiden blue eyed MaryherbsPlantaginaceaeS5 (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016); K. Buckley (2017)
Collomia heterophyllavariableleaf collomiaherbsPolemoniaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Corallorhiza maculata var. occidentalisWestern spotted coralrootherbsOrchidaceaeSUA. Simon (2017)
Daucus pusillusAmerican wild carrotherbsApiaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Delphinium menziesiiPuget Sound larkspurherbsRanunculaceaeS4F. Erhard (2013); A. Simon (2016)
Epilobium foliosumCalifornia willowherbherbsOnagraceaeS4S5A. Simon (2016)
Epilobium minutumlittle willowherbherbsOnagraceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Eriophyllum lanatumcommon woolly sunflowerherbsAsteraceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Erodium cicutariumredstem filareeherbsGeraniaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Erythranthe alsinoideswingstem monkeyflowerherbsPhrymaceaeS4? (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Erythranthe microphyllasmall-leaf monkeyflowerherbsPhrymaceaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Erythranthe nasutaseep monkeyflowerherbsPhrymaceaeS4S5 (2015)B. Benedict (1993)
Erythronium oregonumgiant white fawn lilyherbsLiliaceaeS4? (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Galium aparinecleaversherbsRubiaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Geranium molledove's-foot crane's-billherbsGeraniaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Goodyera oblongifoliaWestern rattlesnake plantainherbsOrchidaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016); K. Toomer (2017)
Grindelia strictaOregon gumplantherbsAsteraceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Heuchera micrantha var. diversifoliacrevice alumrootherbsSaxifragaceaeS4A. Simon (2016)
Hypochaeris glabrasmooth cat's earherbsAsteraceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Hypochaeris radicatahairy cat’s earherbsAsteraceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Lepidium campestrefield peppergrassherbsBrassicaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Lithophragma parviflorumsmallflower woodland starherbsSaxifragaceaeS5A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Lomatium utriculatumspring-goldherbsApiaceaeS4L. Magner & A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Lupinus bicolorminiature lupinherbsFabaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Madia gracilisgrassy tarweedherbsAsteraceaeS3S4 (N2N4 Imperiled in Canada)A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Micranthes integrifoliagrassland saxifrageherbsSaxifragaceaeS4 (2001)A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Moehringia macrophyllaLargeleaf sandwortherbsCaryophyllaceaeS4A. Simon (2016)
Myosotis discolorchanging forget-me-notherbsBoraginaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Nemophila parviflorasmall-flowered nemophilaherbsBoraginaceaeS5 (2000)A. Simon (2016)
Nemophila pedunculatameadow nemophilaherbsBoraginaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2018)
Opuntia fragilisbrittle prickly-pearherbsCactaceaeS4S5 (2015)F. Erhard (2013)
Osmorhiza berteroimountain sweet cicelyherbsApiaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Piperia transversaroyal rein orchidherbsOrchidaceaeS3S4 (2001)A. Simon (2016)
Plantago lanceolataEnglish plantainherbsPlantaginaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Plectritis congestashortspur seablushherbsCaprifoliaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Ranunculus occidentalisWestern buttercupherbsRanunculaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Rumex acetosellasheep's sorrelherbsPolygonaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Sagina apetalacommon pearlwortherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticF. Lomer (2003)
Sanicula crassicaulisPacific sanicleherbsApiaceaeS4L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Sedum spathulifoliumbroadleaf stonecropherbsCrassulaceaeS5F. Erhard (2013); L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Silene coronariarose campionherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticA. Huggins (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Sisymbrium sp.mustardherbsBrassicaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Sonchus asperspiny sow thistleherbsAsteraceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Sonchus oleraceuscommon sowthistleherbsAsteraceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Spergularia rubrared sand spurreyherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Stellaria mediacommon chickweedherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Tellima grandiflorafringe cupsherbsSaxifragaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Thlaspi arvensefield penny-cressherbsBrassicaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Torilis japonicaupright hedge-parsleyherbsApiaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Toxicoscordion venenosummeadow death-camasherbsMelanthiaceaeS5 (2000)S. Tweedale (2016)
Tragopogon sp.herbsAsteraceaeF. Erhard (2013)
Trifolium microcephalumsmall-headed cloverherbsFabaceaeS4A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Trifolium oliganthumfew-flowered cloverherbsFabaceaeS4A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Trifolium willdenoviitomcat cloverherbsFabaceaeS4L. Magner & A. Simon (2016); S. Tweedale (2017)
Triphysaria pusilladwarf orthocarpusherbsOrobanchaceaeS4S. Tweedale (2017); A. Simon (2017)
Triteleia hyacinthinawhite brodiaeaherbsAsparagaceaeS4S. Tweedale (2016)
Turritis glabratower mustardherbsBrassicaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Uropappus lindleyiLindley’s silverpuffsherbsAsteraceaeS1 (2000)F. Lomer (2003)
Veronica arvensiscorn speedwellherbsPlantaginaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Viola sempervirensredwood violetherbsViolaceaeS4 (2015)A. Colwell (2016)
Amandinea punctatatiny button lichenlichensCaliciaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Bryoria friabilisfriable horsehairlichensParmeliaceaeS3S4 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Buellia penichratiny button lichenlichensCaliciaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Calicium viridegreen stubble lichenlichensCaliciaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Caloplaca chrysodetamustard crustlichensTeloschistaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Caloplaca stellatastellate jewel lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Chrysothrix granulosa s. dust lichenlichensChrysothricaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Cladonia coniocraeacommon powderhornlichensCladoniaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Cladonia squamosadragon hornlichensCladoniaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Cladonia umbricolashaded cladonialichensCladoniaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Cliostomum griffithiimulti-coloured dot lichenlichensRamalinaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Collema furfuraceumeffervescent tarpaper lichenlichensCollemataceaeS3S4 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Collema nigrescensblistered jelly lichenlichensCollemataceaeS4 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Dermatocarpon miniatumleather lichenlichensVerrucariaceaeS4 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Dermatocarpon reticulatumleather lichenlichensVerrucariaceaeS4S5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Diploschistes scruposuscrater lichenlichensThelotremataceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Evernia prunastriantlered oakmosslichensParmeliaceaeS4S5 (2010)W. Noble (1974); L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Flavopunctelia soredicaspeckled mantlelichensParmeliaceaeS2 (2017)A. Simon (2016)
Hypogymnia enteromorphainflating bonelichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Hypogymnia imshaugiiforking bonelichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Hypogymnia physodesgrey monk’s hoodlichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2017)
Lecanora confusarim lichenlichensLecanoraceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Lecanora muralisstonewall rim lichenlichensLecanoraceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Lecanora pacificaPacific rim lichenlichensLecanoraceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Lecidea manniicrust lichenlichensLecideaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Lecidella stigmatearock disk lichenlichensLecanoraceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Lepraria cf nivalissnowy dust lichenlichensStereocaulaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Leptogium lichenoidestattered jellyskinlichensCollemataceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Leptogium palmatumantlered jellyskinlichensCollemataceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Lobaria pulmonariatree lungwortlichensLobariaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Lobaria scrobiculatatextured lung lichenlichensLobariaceaeS4 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2017)
Ochrolechia farinaceafarinose saucer lichenlichensOchrolechiaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Ochrolechia laevigatasmooth saucer lichenlichensOchrolechiaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Ochrolechia oregonensisdouble-rimmed saucer lichenlichensOchrolechiaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Ochrolechia subpallescenssaucer lichenlichensOchrolechiaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Ochrolechia upsaliensistundra saucer lichenlichensOchrolechiaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Opegrapha variascribble lichenlichensRoccellaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Parmelia saxatilissalted shield lichenlichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Parmelia squarrosabottlebrush shield lichenlichensParmeliaceaeS3S4 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Parmelia sulcatashield lichenlichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Parmotrema arnoldiiking rufflelichensParmeliaceaeS4 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Peltigera collinatree pelt lichenlichensPeltigeraceaeS4S5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Peltigera membranaceadiamond peltlichensPeltigeraceaeS5 (2010)R. Lampitoc (2016)
Peltigera rufescensblack-bellied peltlichensPeltigeraceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Pertusaria subambigensfrosted wart lichenlichensPertusariaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Phlyctis argenawhitewash lichenlichensPhlyctidaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Physcia adscendenshooded rosette lichenlichensPhysciaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Physconia enteroxanthagilded frostlichensPhysciaceaeS4S5 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Platismatia glaucaragbaglichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Platismatia herreitattered ragslichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Pseudocyphellaria anomalanetted specklebellylichensPeltigeraceaeS3S4 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Punctelia jeckerigalactic specklebacklichensParmeliaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Ramalina dilaceratapunctured ribbonlichensRamalinaceaeS5 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Ramalina farinaceafarinose cartilage lichenlichensRamalinaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Ramboldia gowardianared button lichenlichensRamboldiaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Rhizocarpon bolanderimap lichenlichensRhizocarpaceaeunlistedW. Noble (1974)
Sphaerophorus tuckermaniifragmenting corallichensSphaerophoraceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Sticta fuliginosapeppered moonlichensLobariaceaeS4 (2010)W. Noble (1974); A. Simon (2016)
Sticta limbatapowdered moonlichensLobariaceaeS3S4 (2010)W. Noble (1974)
Trapeliopsis granulosagranular mottled-disk lichenlichensTrapeliaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Tuckermannopsis chlorophyllapowdered wrinkle lichenlichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Usnea cavernosapitted beardlichensParmeliaceaeS2S3 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Usnea dasopogafishbone beardlichensParmeliaceaeS4S5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Usnea hirtabristly beardlichensParmeliaceaeS4 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Usnea intermediaexploding beardlichensParmeliaceaeS1S2 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Usnea subfloridanaboreal beardlichensParmeliaceaeS4 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia rock shieldlichensParmeliaceaeSU (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Xanthoria parietinamaritime sunburst lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeexoticW. Noble (1974)
Xanthoria polycarpapin-cushion sunburst lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Myotis cf lucifuguslittle brown batmammalsVespertilionidaeS4 (2015); Endangered (SARA)J. Malo (2016)
Odocoileus hemionus columbianusColumbian black-tailed deermammalsCervidaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Tamiasciurus hudsonicusred squirrelmammalsSciuridaeS5 (2015)K. Toomer (2017)
Ariolimax columbianusPacific banana slugmollusksArionidaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Monadenia fidelisPacific sidebandmollusksBradybaenidaeS4 (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Amphidium californicumCalifornia yoke mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsOrthotrichaceaeS4A. Simon (2017)
Antitrichia californicaCalifornia antitrichia mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsLeucodontaceaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2016); O. Lee (2018)
Brachythecium albicanswhitish feather-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4S5 (2015)S. Tweedale & A. Simon (2017)
Brachythecium velutinumvelvet feather-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4S5 (2011)S. Joya (2018); A. Simon (2018)
Bryum argenteumsilvery bryummosses, hornworts & liverwortsBryaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Ceratodon purpureusfiremossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsDitrichaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Dicranoweisia cirratacommon pincushionmosses, hornworts & liverwortsDicranaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Simon (2016); O. Lee (2018)
Dicranum fuscescensdusky fork-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsDicranaceaeS5 (2015) *listed subtaxa in BCA. Simon (2016)
Dicranum howelliiHowell’s broom-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsDicranaceaeS4S5 (2011)A. Simon (2016)
Dicranum scopariumbroom mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsDicranaceaeS5 (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Didymodon cf fallaxfalse beard mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeA. Simon (2017)
Didymodon vinealissoft-tufted beard-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Fissidens crispuslesser pocket mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsFissidentaceaeS4S5 (2011)S. Joya (2018); O. Lee (2018)
Grimmia pulvinatagrey-cushioned grimmiamosses, hornworts & liverwortsGrimmiaceaeS4S5 (2015)O. Lee (2018)
Hedwigia stellatastarry hoar-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsHedwigiaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Homalothecium aureumgolden curl-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Homalothecium fulgescensyellow curl-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4S5A. Simon (2016); O. Lee (2018)
Homalothecium megaptilumgreat-feathered mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Homalothecium nuttalliiNuttall’s homalotheciummosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4S5A. Simon (2016)
Hylocomium splendensstairstep mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsHylocomiaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Hypnum circinalecoiled-leaf claw-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsHypnaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Isothecium cristatumisothecium mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4? (2011)O. Lee (2018)
Kindbergia oreganaOregon beaked mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Metaneckera menziesiiMenzies' metaneckeramosses, hornworts & liverwortsNeckeraceaeS4S5 (2015)O. Lee (2018)
Niphotrichum elongatumlong fringe-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsGrimmiaceaeS4S5A. Simon (2016)
Orthotrichum rupestrerock bristle-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsOrthotrichaceaeS4 (2015)O. Lee (2018)
Plagiomnium insignebadge mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsMniaceaeS4S5 (2015)O. Lee (2018)
Plagiomnium venustummagnificent mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsMniaceaeS4S5 (2015)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Pleurozium schreberired-stemmed feather mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsHylocomiaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Polytrichum juniperinumjuniper polytrichum mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPolytrichaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Polytrichum piliferumbristly haircap mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPolytrichaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Ptychostomum pseudotriquetrumlong-leaved thread mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBryaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Rhytidiadelphus loreuslanky mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsHylocomiaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Rhytidiadelphus triquetruselectrified cat’s-tail mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsHylocomiaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Rosulabryum canarienserobust threadmossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBryaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Rosulabryum capillarecapillary threadmossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBryaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Scleropodium cespitanstufted feather-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2017); S. Joya (2018)
Scleropodium touretiiglasswort feather-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsBrachytheciaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Syntrichia laevipilatwisted oak mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeS3 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Syntrichia princepsbrown screw-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Syntrichia ruralisstar mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Timmiella crassinervistimmiella mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Triquetrella californicacoastal triquetrellamosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeG1 Critically ImperiledO. Lee (2017); A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Weissia controversagreen-tufted stubble mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsPottiaceaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Zygodon viridissimusgreen toke-mossmosses, hornworts & liverwortsOrthotrichaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Thamnophis ordinoidesNorthwestern garter snakereptilesColubridaeS4 (2012)A. Huggins (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Berberis aquifoliumOregon-grapeshrubsBerberidaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Cytisus scopariusScotch broomshrubsFabaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Daphne laureolaspurge laurelshrubsThymelaeaceaeexoticR. Greenwood (2016)
Gaultheria shallonsalalshrubsEricaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Holodiscus discoloroceansprayshrubsRosaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Lonicera ciliosaorange honeysuckleshrubsCaprifoliaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Lonicera hispidulapink honeysuckleshrubsCaprifoliaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Paxistima myrsinitesboxwoodshrubsCelastraceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Rosa gymnocarpabaldhip roseshrubsRosaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Symphoricarpos molliscreeping snowberryshrubsCaprifoliaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Vaccinium ovatumevergreen huckleberryshrubsEricaceaeS4A. Simon (2016)
Vaccinium parvifoliumred huckleberryshrubsEricaceaeS5 (2015)L. Magner (2016)
Acer macrophyllumbigleaf mapletreesSapindaceaeS5A. Trifonidis (2016); A. Simon (2016)
Alnus rubrared aldertreesBetulaceaeS5 (2015)A. Trifonidis (2016)
Arbutus menziesiiarbutustreesEricaceaeS4L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Pseudotsuga menziesii menziesiicoast Douglas-firtreesPinaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Quercus garryanaGarry oaktreesFagaceaeS5L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Taxus brevifoliaPacific yewtreesTaxaceaeS5 (2000); G4G5 (2016)L. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Thuja plicatawestern redcedartreesCupressaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2016)
Chlorochroa ligataconchuela bugtrue bugsPentatomidaeunlistedL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Deraeocoris sp.plant bugtrue bugsMiridaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Empoasca sp.leafhoppertrue bugsCicadellidaeS. Gilmore (2017)
Lygaeus kalmiismall milkweed bugtrue bugsLygaeidaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Synecdoche nemoralisplant hoppertrue bugsAchilidaeunlistedS. Gilmore (2017)

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