The Web of Life: biodiversity and the arts!

Beginning January 4, 2020, you are invited to help illustrate a dynamic data visualization featuring the marine biodiversity of Galiano Island in a series of art workshops at the Yellowhouse.

To date more than 3,500 species have been documented on the Biodiversity Galiano project. This bewildering diversity of species form a web of vital ecological relationships. Yet the strands of this web often go unseen—especially the biodiversity beneath the sea!

The Web of Life art project is a collaboration among artists and scientists, integrating visual and acoustic art with knowledge gleaned through over a century of biodiversity research, to illustrate the biodiversity of the Salish Sea. Beginning with the marine life of Galiano Island, our pilot series will later expand to include biodiversity data and art woven together by communities throughout the bioregion.

This “phylopic”, representing the Kingdom Plantae, is an example of an art form that can be integrated into the Web of Life. We envision a variety of art forms, including traditional natural history illustration, algae pressings, woodcut prints—and even audio—might be included in this dynamic data visualization.

Art by Kath Boake Wüthrich

For a glimpse into the Web of Life, dive in and explore Galiano Island’s marine life in the following interactive data visualization. This demo visualization is the product of collaboration among numerous research scientists, members of the Biodiversity Galiano community, artist Kath Boake Wuthrich, and computer scientist Antranig Basman. Thank you for taking part by sharing your observations and art!