Our first art workshop in the Web of Life series, which took place on January 4 at the Yellowhouse Art Centre, was a great success!

In this workshop, participants wove together science and art in a study of jellyfish, anemones, comb jellies and sponges.

The workshop began with an introduction by Roksan Kohen-Parfitt, and moved into Andrew Simon’s presentation, in which he introduced participants to the Web of Life project and dived into a study of the phyla Porifera, Cnidaria and Ctenophora. Then, we dove into the art! With Roksan advising those who had art-related questions and encouraging artists as they created their work, we had a meditative and fun time bringing these phyla to life on paper.

We look forward to future WoL workshops focusing on the diversity of life forms known to the Salish Sea! If you’re interested in this project and would like to contribute art to our interactive data visualization please contact: Justine Apostoloupolos at justine.apostolopoulos@gmail.com.