Bellhouse Provincial Park

Galiano Island, BC

Bellhouse Provincial Park

Mount Sutil

Bellhouse Provincial Park’s Biodiversity

Last updated January 2018

Presented below is a working list of species known to Bellhouse Provincial Park, Galiano Island, BC. This dynamic parkland features coastal woodlands and associated meadow and bluff communities exposed to the marine elements of Active Pass.

Our checklist for this place has been compiled mostly through a community effort, with the majority of records added through the Biodiversity Galiano project via iNaturalist. Contributing community members include Alison Colwell and the twins, Felix Erhard, Tyrel Froese, Michael Hoebel, Adam Huggins, Lauren Magner, Ayla Malcolm, Andrew Simon, Sarah Tweedale, Alexander Wright and Anthony Wood. Additional historical records include reports made by Hans Roemer, Steve Joya and Olivia Lee. Please help add to this list by contributing your observations to the Biodiversity Galiano project!

Browse the gallery on the right for photographs featuring some of the sights to be seen at Bellhouse Park. The following list is searchable and can be sorted by scientific name, common name, group, family, conservation status and provenance. Note there are many waifs and  exotic species to be found in this park, alongside sensitive native species.

Common Name
Sargassum muticumJapanese wireweedalgae & kelpSargassaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Ulva sp.sea lettucealgae & kelpUlvaceaeT. Froese (2017)
Agriotes lineatuslined click beetlebeetlesElateridaeexoticA. Malcolm (2017)
Haliaeetus leucocephalusbald eaglebirdsAccipitridaeS5B,S5N (2015)A. Wood (2017)
Megaceryle alcyonbelted kingfisherbirdsAlcedinidaeS4S5B (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Melanitta perspicillatasurf scoterbirdsAnatidaeS3B,S4N (2015)  K. Valentine (2016)
Corvus coraxcommon ravenbirdsCorvidaeS5B (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Stelgidopteryx serripennisnorthern rough-winged swallowbirdsHirundinidaeS4S5B (2015)M. Hoebel (2011)
Molothrus aterbrown-headed cowbirdbirdsIcteridaeS5B (2015)A. Wood (2017)
Melospiza melodiasong sparrowbirdsPasserellidaeS5B (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Dryocopus pileatuspileated woodpeckerbirdsPicidaeS5 (2015)A. Huggins (2016)
Hemigrapsus nuduspurple shore crabcrustaceansVarunidaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Polypodium glycyrrhizalicorice fernferns & alliesPolypodiaceaeS5A. Colwell (2016); A. Huggins (2016)
Tabaninaehorse flyfliesTabanidaeL. Magner (2015)
Juncus bufoniustoad rushgrasses, sedges & rushesJuncaceaeS5 (2017)A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Aira caryophylleasilver hairgrassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Anthoxanthum aristatumannual vernal grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticH. Roemer (2000)
Bromus hordeaceuscommon soft bromegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Bromus rigidusripgut bromegrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Dactylis glomerataorchard grassgrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Hordeum murinumwall barleygrasses, sedges & rushesPoaceaeexoticA. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Narcissus pseudo-narcissusdaffodilherbsAmaryllidaceaeexoticL. Magner (2016)
Anthriscus caucalisbur parsleyherbsApiaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017); S. Tweedale (2017)
Osmorhiza berteroimountain sweet cicelyherbsApiaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Sanicula crassicaulisPacific sanicleherbsApiaceaeS4A. Simon (2017)
Brodiaea coronariacrown brodiaeaherbsAsparagaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Simon (2016); A. Huggins (2016)
Camassia leichtlinii ssp. suksdorfiiLeichtlin's camassiaherbsAsparagaceaeS4 (2015)A. Colwell (2016); A. Simon (2017)
Scilla forbesiiForbes' glory-of-the-snowherbsAsparagaceaeexoticA. Colwell (2016); S. Tweedale (2016)
Triteleia hyacinthinawhite brodiaeaherbsAsparagaceaeS4A. Huggins (2016); A. Simon (2017)
Anisocarpus madioideswoodland madiaherbsAsteraceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Bellis perennisEnglish daisyherbsAsteraceaeexoticL. Magner (2015)
Hieracium albiflorumwhite hawkweedherbsAsteraceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Hypochaeris radicatahairy cat’s-earherbsAsteraceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Myosotis discolorchanging forget-me-notherbsBoraginaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Cardamine hirsutahairy bittercressherbsBrassicaceaeS4A. Simon (2016)
Draba vernaspring drabaherbsBrassicaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Plectritis congestashortspur seablushherbsCaprifoliaceaeS5A. Colwell (2016); A. Simon (2017)
Spergula arvensiscorn spurreyherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Stellaria mediacommon chickweedherbsCaryophyllaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Sedum spathulifoliumbroadleaf stonecropherbsCrassulaceaeS5F. Erhard (2013); A. Simon (2017)
Lathyrus nevadensis var. pilosellusSierra Nevada peavineherbsFabaceaeS5A. Simon (2016)
Trifolium dubiumlesser hop trefoilherbsFabaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Trifolium variegatumwhite-tipped cloverherbsFabaceaeS4A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Trifolium willdenoviitomcat cloverherbsFabaceaeS4A. Simon (2017)
Vicia americanaAmerican vetchherbsFabaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Vicia sativacommon vetchherbsFabaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Geranium molledove's-foot crane's-billherbsGeraniaceaeexoticA. Colwell (2016)
Lamium purpureumred deadnettleherbsLamiaceaeexoticA. Simon (2017)
Erythronium oregonumgiant white fawn lilyherbsLiliaceaeS4? (2015)L. Magner (2015); A. Colwell (2016); K. Valentine (2016)
Claytonia perfoliataminer's lettuceherbsMontiaceaeS4 (2001)A. Colwell (2016)
Montia fontanablinksherbsMontiaceaeS4S. Tweedale (2017); T. Froese (2017)
Montia parvifolia var. parvifoliasmall-leaved blinksherbsMontiaceaeS4A. Simon (2016)
Piperia elongatadenseflower rein orchidherbsOrchidaceaeS3S4 (2015)A. Huggins (2016)
Spiranthes romanzoffianahooded ladies' tressesherbsOrchidaceaeS4A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Triphysaria pusilladwarf orthocarpusherbsOrobanchaceaeS4A. Simon (2017)
Erythranthe nasutaseep monkeyflowerherbsPhrymaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Collinsia parvifloramaiden blue-eyed maryherbsPlantaginaceaeS5 (2015)L. Magner (2016)
Ranunculus occidentalisWestern buttercupherbsRanunculaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Micranthes integrifoliawholeleaf saxifrageherbsSaxifragaceaeS4 (2001)A. Colwell (2016)
Thelloma mammosumrock nipple lichenlichensCaliciaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Cladina portentosa spp. pacificamaritime reindeer lichenlichensCladoniaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Cladonia coniocraeacommon powderhornlichensCladoniaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Leptogium palmatumantlered jellyskinlichensCollemataceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Lecidella asemadisk lichenlichensLecanorineaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Tephromela atrablack-eye lichenlichensMycoblastaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2016)
Nephroma laevigatummustard paw lichenlichensNephromataceaeS3S4 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Evernia prunastriantlered oakmosslichensParmeliaceaeS4S5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Melanelixia subauriferaabraded camouflage lichenlichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Parmela saxatilissalted crottlelichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Parmelia hygrophilagranulating crottlelichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Parmelia sulcatahammered crottlelichensParmeliaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Physcia adscendenshooded rosette lichenlichensPhysciaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Ramalina farinaceahyphenated ribbonlichensRamalinaceaeS5 (2010)A. Simon (2016)
Blastenia ferrugineafiredot lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Caloplaca citrinamealy firedot lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Caloplaca marinafiredot lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Xanthomendoza oreganaOregon sunburst lichenlichensTeloschistaceaeS1S2 (2010)A. Simon (2017)
Umbilicaria polyphyllapetalled rocktripelichensUmbilicariaceaeS4 (2010)A. Simon & A.J. Wright (2017)
Philonotis capillarisapple-mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsBartramiaceaeS4 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Philonotis fontanaspring mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsBartramiaceaeS5S. Joya & O. Lee (2017); A. Simon (2017)
Imbribryum miniatumred thread-mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsBryaceaeS4S5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Dicranum scopariumbroom mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsDicranaceaeS5 (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Pseudoscleropodium purumneat feather-mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsEntodontaceaeexoticL. Magner & A. Simon (2016)
Niphotrichum elongatumlong fringe-mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsGrimmiaceaeS4S5T. Froese (2017)
Pleurozium schreberired-stemmed feather mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsHylocomiaceaeS5 (2015)T. Froese (2017)
Rhytidiadelphus triquetruselectrified cat’s-tail mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsHylocomiaceaeS5T. Froese (2017)
Polytrichum juniperinumjuniper polytrichum mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsPolytrichaceaeS5T. Froese (2017)
Tortula muraliswall screw-mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsPottiaceaeS4? (2015)A. Simon (2017)
Trichostomum tenuirostrenarrow-fruited crisp-mossmosses, liverworts & hornwortsPottiaceaeS4S5 (2011)A. Simon (2017)
Berberis aquifoliumOregon grapeshrubsBerberidaceaeS5A. Simon (2016); A. Colwell (2016)
Lonicera hispidulapink honeysuckleshrubsCaprifoliaceaeS5A. Simon (2017)
Cytisus scopariusScotch broomshrubsFabaceaeexoticA. Simon (2016)
Ulex europaeusgorseshrubsFabaceaeexoticF. Erhard (2013); A. Simon (2016); A. Malcolm (2017); K. Toomer (2017)
Amelanchier floridaSaskatoonshrubsRosaceaeS4S5A. Simon (2017)
Sergiolus columbianusgnaphosid spiderspidersGnaphosidaeunlistedA. Simon (2017)
Arbutus menziesiiarbutustreesEricaceaeS4A. Colwell (2016); L. Magner (2016); A. Simon (2017)
Quercus garryanaGarry oaktreesFagaceaeS5A. Colwell (2016); L. Magner (2016); A. Simon (2017)
Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesiicoast Douglas-firtreesPinaceaeS5A. Colwell (2016); L. Magner (2016)

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